Saturday, August 15, 2009

“Short+Sweet: Theater – Gala Night” at KLPac

KLPac Presents

A Festival of Words

Congratulations to the theater performances that made it through to the "Short+Sweet 2009: Theater" Gala Night!

1. “Life's A Twitch”

Writer: Maya Tan Abdullah
Director: Hot Buns
Cast: Bella Rahim, Hairi
Synopsis: Mice and men- do they escape life's difficulties the same way?
2. “Waiting for Godot Too”
Writer: Fasyali Fadzly bin Saipul Bahri
Director: Fasyali Fadzly bin Saipul Bahri
Cast: Muhammad Shukri bin Mohd Tahir, Fiona Anne Kab
Synopsis: Friendly or rude, they talk about politics, religion, women etc, but what about art?
3. “Phat!”
Writer: Akmar Zaki
Director: Akmar Zaki
Cast: Amy Tia, Sadyabama, Tiana Xavier, Hazel Hadian
Synopsis: We are the new Kate Moss (with beautiful curves) in town. We are here to say that fat is phat!
4. "Poo By Any Other Name Smells As Bad"
Writer: Indra Irwan Mohd Sari
Director: Tuna Lim
Cast: Season Chee, Gordon Tan
Synopsis: A play discussing the ideologies and principles that have become the buzzwords commonly read in Malaysian blogs.
5. “Faith”
Writer: Aminda Faradilla
Director: Esnani Elias
Cast: Lvynn
Synopsis: The story of a woman who saw the end as just another day, highlighted and circled on a calendar.
6. “Unsaid”
Writer: Nandang Abdul Rahman
Director: Kelvin Wong
Cast: Hunter Leow, Rashdan Harith
Synopsis: When proof is demanded in words, could deeds be an adequate substitute instead?
7. “Baby, Baby”
Writer: Nora Lim
Director: Nora Lim
Cast: Claudia Low
Synopsis: Follow an obsessed Kate on her emotional and at times, hilarious journey to get pregnant.
8. “The Junction”
Writer: Lakshman Balakrishnan
Director: Kamaruzzaman
Cast: Glamorique Arshad, Mervyn Raj Manikam
Synopsis: Life is a junction. Where do I go now?
9. “Allah!”
Writer: Adiwijaya
Director: Megat Sharizal
Cast: Abdul Qahar Aqilah, Shah Redza Minhat
Synopsis: Two men meet on a ledge of a tall building in a moral struggle of non-epic proportions
10. “Fuckin' Food”
Writer: Kevin Larken
Director: Christopher Ling
Cast: Jon Chew, Gowri Paary
Synopsis: What do you want to eat?
Date & Time:
Dance Gala Night: 16 August @ 8.30pm


RM25 (students, sr. citizens & the disabled)

Enjoy a 10% discount when you purchase a ticket for Week 1, Week 2 and the Gala Final! (In a single receipt)

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