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“Short+Sweet: Dance – Week 2” at KLPac

KLPac Presents

A Festival of Dance

Week 1 of Short+Sweet: Dance was warmly received by our local audience with a sold out show this past weekend on the 25th. It’s now the turn for the groups slated for Week 2 of the performances to come out and do their best to dazzle the audience. Don’t miss on all the fun and don’t forget to vote for your favorite pieces for the Short+Sweet: Dance Gala Night on the 2nd August 2009.
After a successful Short+Sweet Theater Festival in 2008, the biggest little arts festival returns with the goal of creating “a more creative world ten minutes at a time”. While the 2008 edition of the festival showcased only works for the stage, the Short+Sweet 2009 festival boldly incorporates 2 weeks of dance performances to further enrich the festival experience.

As was the experience for scriptwriters in 2008, choreographers were challenged to come up with 10 minute pieces that underwent rigorous audition and selection processes before they were shortlisted for the festival. Choreographers and dancers have been rehearsing the past few weeks and are now ready to present their works to the public in 2 weeks of performances beginning 22nd July 2009 and running up until 2nd August 2009.

All dance performances featured in the Short+Sweet 2009 edition will also be in competition for several categories that will be judged by both a professional panel of judges as well as members of the audience based on the feedback forms filled up at the end of each performance. Shortlisted dance performances will be performed again during the Short+Sweet: Dance Gala Night on the 2nd August 2009 where the winners of the individual category will also be announced.

Come and join in the celebration of homegrown creativity and talents by attending the performances and leaving your feedback at the end of the show.

Week 2 (22 July-29 July 2009)

"Shades of the Moon"
Choreographer & Dancer 1: Weijun
Dancer 2: Tan Su Lin
Dancer 3: Shangkari Sivamurthy
Dancer 4: Suhaili Micheline

Synopsis: Shades of the moon is little about the moon and all about the shades. Featuring music, dance, choreography, video, computer-graphic, animation, imaging and design by Weijun.

"Fugue for Dancer & Violin"
Choreographer and Dancer: Alyzsa Lim
Violinist: Bela Bartok

Synopsis: A journey through obsession into an abstract world of visual and audio themes explored through space and time.

"Nunuk Ragang"
Choreographer & Dancer 1: BB Ostella Adam
Dancer 2: Doralisa Lee
Dancer 3: Joanna Tan
Dancer 4: Grace Quah
Dancer 5: Callista Chuah
Dancer 6: Chan Wen Li
Dancer 7: Melissa Wong
Dancer 8: Eric Lim Jian Hong
Dancer 9: Gayathri Paary
Dancer 10: Yharsmeen Naharuddin

Synopsis: Based on a Sabahan legend that tells why the Dusun/Kadazan tribe left their original homeland of the same name to spread across the rest of Sabah.

"A Plyed Experience"
Choreographer & Dancer 1: Rebecca Adam Barnett
Dancer 1: Rozmin Rashid
Dancer 2: Pini Theng

Synopsis: Our lives evolves through accumulation- layered by time, experience and knowledge. A new layer often creates confusion, sometimes clarity, always complexity, and has the power to inhibit but also liberate.

"Nerds Gone Nuts"
Choreographer: Suhaili Micheline
Dancer 1: Tengku Nurul Sofia Tengku Daud
Dancer 2: Illia
Dancer 3: Fadzli Jay
Dancer 4: Naim Syahrazad
Dancer 5: Janice Yong
Dancer 6: Siti Amellia
Dancer 7: Teo May Jean

Synopsis: i am no 1

"Hungry for Hope"
Choreographer: Shuba Jayaretnam
Dancer 1: Harshini Sukumaran
Dancer 2: Mohd. Hazri

Synopsis: In many ways, the rich and the poor are inter-connected. We share a common place and every good or bad act creates a wave of movement.

"The Classics with an Indian Twist"
Choreographer & Dancer 1: Visithra Manikam
Dancer 2: Laveenia Sivalingam

Synopsis: The Classics with an Indian Twist will incorporate the storytelling style of Bharatatyam(Indian dance) with classical western music.

"The Gypsy Trail"
Choreographer & Dancer 1: Kayla
Dancer 2: Narmatha Shanmugam
Dancer 3: Judy Lim
Dancer 4: Wong Chin Wei
Dancer 5: Liesl Ho
Dancer 6: Sim Chin Yen
Dancer 7: Emina Aliyya
Dancer 8: Shun Clayton

Synopsis: Depicting the Romany people's influence in the development of what we know as Flamenco today, a traveling story told in dance.

"Mami Jarum"
Choreographer: Ahmad Firdaus Che Yahaya
Dancer 2: Hasmizan Abdul Hamid

Synopsis: Penyampai cerita. Cepat dari berita!

"Diaries 09"
Choreographer & Dancer 1: Michael Xavier Voon
Dancer 2: Wee Jung Jieh
Dancer 3: Pui Fook Chien
Dancer 4: Choong Wei Li
Dancer 5: Ng Shu Mun
Dancer 6: Cheang Zu-Er

Synopsis: No Vigil + No Black + No Speech

Date & Time:
Week 1: 22 – 25 July @ 8.30pm
Week 2: 29 July – 1 August 2009 @ 8.30pm

Dance Gala Night: 2 August @ 8.30pm


WEEK 1 & 2:
RM15 (students, sr. citizens & the disabled)

RM25 (students, sr. citizens & the disabled)

Enjoy a 10% discount when you purchase a ticket for Week 1, Week 2 and the Gala Final! (In a single receipt)

Box Office:
(KLPac) 4047 9000

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