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“Short+Sweet: Dance – Week 1” at KLPac

KLPac Presents

A Festival of Dance

It’s back!

After a successful Short+Sweet Theater Festival in 2008, the biggest little arts festival returns with the goal of creating “a more creative world ten minutes at a time”. While the 2008 edition of the festival showcased only works for the stage, the Short+Sweet 2009 festival boldly incorporates 2 weeks of dance performances to further enrich the festival experience.

As was the experience for scriptwriters in 2008, choreographers were challenged to come up with 10 minute pieces that underwent rigorous audition and selection processes before they were shortlisted for the festival. Choreographers and dancers have been rehearsing the past few weeks and are now ready to present their works to the public in 2 weeks of performances beginning 22nd July 2009 and running up until 2nd August 2009.

All dance performances featured in the Short+Sweet 2009 edition will also be in competition for several categories that will be judged by both a professional panel of judges as well as members of the audience based on the feedback forms filled up at the end of each performance. Shortlisted dance performances will be performed again during the Short+Sweet: Dance Gala Night on the 2nd August 2009 where the winners of the individual category will also be announced.

Come and join in the celebration of homegrown creativity and talents by attending the performances and leaving your feedback at the end of the show.

Week 1 (22 July-29 July 2009)

Choreographer: Yap Mei Shang
Dancer 1: Khoo Kim Leng
Dancer 2: Ong Sze Sze
Dancer 3: Leong Sook Fun
Dancer 4: Tillasyini Tharmalingam
Dancer 5: Leo
Dancer 7: Lim Hsueh Chin

Synopsis: Sometimes you might be knocked down. But never give up. Keep moving forward and you will find how wonderful life can be.

Choreographer: Dalili Azahari
Dancer 1: Safia Hanifah
Dancer 2: Siti Farrah Abdullah

Synopsis: To question is a journey to self-understanding.

"Walking with Angels"
Choreographer: Kerry-Ann Khoo
Dancer 1: Pui Theng
Dancer 2: Rozmin Rashid
Dancer 3: Dalila
Dancer 4: James Kan
Dancer 5: Chai Song Voon

Synopsis: "Angels are principally the guardians of our spirits. Their function is not to do our work for us, but to help us do it ourselves, by God's grace."- Eileen Elias Freeman, The Angel's Little Instruction Book

Choreographer: Leng Poh Gee
Dancer 1: Hii Ing Fung
Dancer 2: Jasmine Lee Mei Ling
Dancer 3: Nancy Ng Pei Yu

Synopsis: Some choreographers complained that I'm passive, which I just subject to an action without responding or initiating an action in return. Actually, I'm shy...

Choreographer: Lorna Hoong
Dancer 1: Chew Sie Theng
Dancer 2: Mohd Hafizul Aimi B Roslan
Dancer 3: Sufi Ashraf B Mohd Azman
Dancer 4: Wan Tiara Azira Bt Wan Ibrahim

Synopsis: There is only reflection...no differences.

Choreographer & Dancer 1: Aiza
Dancer 2: Eli
Dancer 3: Kim

Synopsis: It's a about how certain human behaviors are nowhere different from animals, shown in their reactions towards a snake and a rat.

Choreographer & Dancer 1: Vivian Chan
Dancer 2: Song Ching Yee
Dancer 3: Amanda Song
Dancer 4: Gan Hua Hooi

Synopsis: Who leads, who follows? Who decides it all? This piece explores the duality of such roles in individuals and the intricate states of being in the acts of leading and following.

"Kinespherically Modulated"
Choreographer: David Lim
Dancer 1: Aidira Khaidir
Dancer 2: Foo I-Wei
Dancer 3: Leo Yap
Dancer 4: Iylia

Synopsis: An interplay of physical forces

"Zapin Berangin- Colours of the Wind"
Choreographer & Dancer 1: Nabil Abdullah
Dancer 2: Mohd Firdaus bin Ibrahim
Dancer 3: Amirul Safuan bin Kamaludin
Dancer 4: Herman Anak Bidin
Dancer 5: Nik Faizal bin Hazmi
Dancer 6: Sarah Shafreena bin Mohd Hassan
Dancer 7: Zulkarnain bin Ab. Rahman
Dancer 8: Intan Syaffinaz binti Sahharim
Dancer 9: Siti Sarah binti Rosli
Dancer 10: Norshila binti Md Isa
Dancer 11: Nik Nur Nadia binti Nik Ismail
Dancer 12: Rozie Julian

Synopsis: Gabungan asli dan kontemporari- dengan kombenansi tarian kipas yang disulami pelbagai warna, menunjukkan kemeriahan dan kemesraan masyarakat di Malaysia.

Date & Time:
Week 1: 22 – 25 July @ 8.30pm
Week 2: 29 July – 1 August 2009 @ 8.30pm

Dance Gala Night: 2 August @ 8.30pm


WEEK 1 & 2:
RM15 (students, sr. citizens & the disabled)

RM25 (students, sr. citizens & the disabled)

Enjoy a 10% discount when you purchase a ticket for Week 1, Week 2 and the Gala Final! (In a single receipt)

Box Office:
(KLPac) 4047 9000

Venue Website: http://www.klpac.com/

Facebook Event link: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=114381279264

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