Monday, April 28, 2008

Indonesia Trip '08 – All and So Much More

(MONAS, Jakarta - Indonesia, Apr 2008)
Arrived home from our Indonesia trip late last night after having our Air Asia flight cancelled and our reservations bumped to a later evening flight instead. With tones of notes and pics to go through, I would definitely have a lot of blogworthy items to update the blog with in the following weeks if not months (hopefully not!). Till the first of the series of updates, here’s some of the trip highlights that would be detailed in later blog entries.

Stay tuned!

Trip Highlights :
  • “Oh crap! Did I just gave him 10,000 or 100,000 rupiah?” – dealing with the zeroes on the money.
  • There is no tempe in Jakarta! Help!
  • Trawling the docks after sunset.
  • “Whatever happens in Jakarta, stays in Jakarta"
  • Starbucks closes at 9:30pm in Jakarta! Help .. again!
  • Lost among the masses at Taman Mini Indonesia Indah.
  • “Quick lah! I’m melting here!” – dealing with the heat and humidity
  • Breaking the bank in cool Bandung.
  • Train from Bandung to Jogja – “Are we there yet???”
  • Bandung After Dark – where they don’t use street lights!
  • Kawah Putih – Surreal meets Stinky
  • Adventures of eating in Indonesia – “Just order the strangest sounding item on the menu lah” aka trying not to giggle when ordering Nasi Liwet
  • Surviving the souvenir touts at Borobudur and Parambanan.
  • Jogja - Temples and Stupas and Ruins .. Oh My
  • The most expensive cup of coffee I’ve ever drunk
  • Chilling out listening to live jazz performance at a backpackers pub
  • A Supernatural Encounter in Jogja
  • Walking where no tourists have been before
  • Batik and Wayang Kulit and T-Shirts .. Oh My
  • Fortunate circumstances in Solo


Amazonman said...

what do you mean "whatever happens in Jakarta stays in jakarta"??? NOthing happened! That's my story and I 'm sticking to it!

Nickxandar said...

Izzit ;-)

M@X said...

Wah...Looks like you have a teaser for your actual travelogue & travel tips. I hope you can post them up before my very own trip in mid May - Jakarta & Bandung.

Nickxandar said...

M@x ...

We'll see if I can get at least the Jakarta and Bandung write ups by this week.

Chen said...

oh my! sounds exciting!

Nickxandar said...

Chen ...

Come back for the details in future entries