Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Standing On the Edge of a Precipice

Between work and my non-existing personal life, I found myself running on fumes this week. This week is the first time since the recent change in my job responsibilities that I really felt the full scope of what my job now entails. Having to support customers from one end of Asia to the other means that I have to be on standby from the time the Australia folks start work till end of business day in India. I used to only have 5 points to accomplish for the day on my morning to do list, now I have at least 20 to tackle by lunch time. Still I try to find the good in it all so I can move on without falling into hysterics and pulling my hair by the roots. I’ve always believed that there is always a positive way to look at your job no matter how crappy the job seems. Since I can’t change my job today, I might as well find a way to enjoy it for this day.

I still owe myself write-ups on my Manila trip. I really want to make sure that I record everything of note down in the blog so I can remember it for as long as the blog site is up. Unfortunately, it seems lately that every time I sit down and start to write the trip report up, something else comes to distract me. I really want to do it soon before I start forgetting the details that I did not write down in my travel journal while I was there. I guess that if I can find time to type out this rant now then I shouldn’t have any excuse not to type out the trip report.

Movies … I still have to make time to watch “Dreamgirls” in the cinema before their run ends. No doubt I will be buying the DVD when they release it but nothing beats watching a movie at cinema on the big screen. I also need to find time to watch “Mukhsin” and “300” somehow soon. I’ve originally planned to watch all 3 films this weekend but S called me yesterday to ask me to help out for his kenduri in Kajang this weekend. I’m feeling a bit reluctant to help out since he has lately only called me when he wants something done which frankly makes me feel like I’m being underappreciated as a friend. But then again, it is S who is asking. I have never been able to say “no” to him no matter how much I’ve wanted to. There is too much history between us for me not to just bear and grin it.

It’s actually strange that the only time in the day that I really feel less flustered about work and life is during that hour between 7 to 8pm when I’m working out on my exercise machine. I often find myself in some sort of zone when I’m only focused on the repetitive movements, the number of reps I have left to accomplish that day and keeping my form correct when I workout. I’m now finding myself looking forward for my workout session at the end of my work day instead of dreading it like I used to do. I’m hoping that I would be able to sustain this from this point onwards because other than working out, I don’t really think I have anything else to distract me after a long day.

The workouts and the almost daily SMS messages that I’ve been receiving from a certain friend (you know who you are) seems to be the only things that have been keeping me on a level these past weeks. The workout sessions help distract me from everything else that is happening around me while the SMS messages have just brighten up my days and nights. I don’t know what I would do without both in my life now.

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