Monday, March 12, 2007

InBody Check Progress - March '07

I ran into my gym sales rep after watching “300” at Sunway Pyramid yesterday and asked him about gym’s opening date. Based on the info that they got from the mall management, they are still on track to open the “California Fitness” gym at Sunway Pyramid sometime in the 3rd quarter of 2007. Can hardly wait to get started there.

Since I had a bit of time, I thought of talking to the personal trainer that they assigned to me but unfortunately he was already engaged with another customer. I guess I’ll call him up earlier to set an appointment before popping in to the membership booth. Since I have not done a InBody body composition scan since last Jan, I’ve asked whether they would let me take one that afternoon. They were offering it free for potential new members and you would actually need to fork out some money if you wanted to do it outside of the membership drive. Since quite a few of the staff seemed to already recognized me by name, blame it to the less than common name and the fact that I shop for groceries at Sunway Pyramid almost every weekend, they ran the scan for me for free. They even thrown in a free on the spot result consultation and review of my current training plan with one of their new personal trainers for me that day.

Other than the slight increase in total body weight, I’m pretty much happy with the progress that I seem to be achieving. While I did gain weight in the past 2 months since the last scan, the weight looks more like the net replacement of muscle mass over fat mass which is always good. I am particularly encouraged by the reduction of body fat % since that is one of the measures that I am most interested it. My goal is to hit somewhere around the 15% levels since the chances for me to hit those single % digits are as good as me walking on the moon.

I found out that the new personal trainer that I was talking to that day previously worked at the other popular gym franchise in Subang and had quite a few years of working as a personal trainer under his belt. We went though both my current diet plan and exercise routine which he pointed out areas for improvement. I don’t know if I can incorporate all that he had suggested with my current schedule and equipment but at least I know where I can still improve. One thing I also appreciate is that they really know how to get you pumped up about working out at the gym when it opens.

The other funny thing is that he was able to immediately pick on which body parts that I wanted to improved most the first time that we talked. Either those parts are the most common ones that men my age looking to improve with gym workout or I have something posted on my forehead that tells people what I want out of my gym workouts. I do hope that it’s not due to the latter.

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