Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Belated Ramadhan Entry

The past few days of Ramadhan has been quite hectic for me.

Thanks to the 3 day Merdeka weekend, I get to spend the 1st day of Ramadhan with the family. Of course that meant us coming together and hashing out our plans for the month as well as for Hari Raya at the end of the month. I actually like it when we can get our plans for the month sorted out in advance so we can arrange our own private schedule around the family appointments. Of course that means that I would not have any excuse for missing any family gatherings this fasting month.

Thanks to my last minute decision to make a new pair of Baju Melayu for this year, we all were rushing to get clothing material from our usual place and try to convince our family tailor to take our last minute order. Fortunate for us, he was willing to take them but could only promise us delivery on the eve of Hari Raya which would definitely be cutting it quite close. It seems that he has been taking orders for Baju Melayu for the past 2 months for Hari Raya which was good for him seems that business has been good for him lately. Just to be on the safe side, we paid in full so he has to deliver our Baju Melayu to us before Hari Raya.

I will be making the dodol again this year for the family. I already have that penciled in for the last weekend of the month. Haven’t really decided how much of it to make this year but since I’ll have the help of my brothers, I think we can manage somewhere around 5kgs of it. It may sound quite a bit but based on previous years experience, it goes fast once it’s divided up among family and friends.

Haven’t been to the gym yet this past week and I have a distinct feeling that everything that I have eaten in that time is going straight to my waist. I was just starting with my gym experience during the fasting month last year so I didn’t really push it back then. I’m heading out to the gym tonight to try and see if I can stick to my normal gym routine of 1 hr spinning class and ½ hr weight training for the fasting month which I hope I can. I’m already going to have to cut my Sunday afternoon workout session out due to the fasting month since they don’t have a spinning class in the weekend evenings at my gym.

Here’s to a good Ramadhan ahead, folks.


famil said...

Wishing you ramadhan al mubarak.

Nickxandar said...

Thanks, famil

Ad said...


letih nak buat tu memanadangkan peminat bertambah 14.37 kali ganda!!

Nickxandar said...

Ad ...

Banyaknyer berkali ganda tu ... kihkihkih.

Memang letih nak buat .. lainlah kalau ada org yg nak tolong kan :p