Thursday, August 07, 2008

Warning! Irreverent Posting – ABBA Attack

Just got an ABBA attack that I have to get out of my system today.

I am by no way an ABBA fan but I do love a lot of their songs. I grew up listening to them since my mum and her sisters were big fans of the group.

I am so watching “Mamma Mia” when the movie is shown here later this year.

(Thank You For The Music - ABBA)

(Take A Chance On Me - ABBA)

(Dancing Queen - ABBA)


Amazonman said...

I am speechless....

Nickxandar said...

And just when you thought that you've figured me out :p

M@x said...

Everybody is entitled to an Abba attack from time to time....:)

Can't wait for Mamamia screen version. Was dancing in my chair when I saw Mamamia broadway show in Singapore a couple of years back.

Nickxandar said...

M@x ...

Guess the medication to keep the ABBA thing under wraps wore off for me yesterday.

Looking fwd for the movie too. I think it's going to be for me what the SATC movie is for some of my friends.

Something that not everyone will get it :)