Monday, July 07, 2008

Looking For Shelter

Other than meeting up with friends and putting myself through a 3 hour grueling workout session on Sunday, I pretty much had a lot of time to clear by myself this past weekend. Decided to pop in one of the many unwatched DVDs that was sitting on my “to watch” pile and curl up under the covers to watch “Shelter”

(Official Trailer from "Shelter")

I love this movie! Kind of the type of romantic movies that people usually warn me against watching when I go into one of my moods but I never really listen to that advise anyway. Of course that meant that I’m now walking around felling a bit melancholic about almost everything. Hopefully that would pass soon with the help of all that gym sessions I have lined up for this week.

Still can’t get one of the songs from the movie out of my head.

(Shane Mack - "Lie To Me" from "Shelter" OST)


mr.mussel said...

wow..konpiden dah bertambah yerr..

Nickxandar said...

mr. mussel

konpiden? bertambah macam mana pulak ni?

fadz said...

ceh, belambak sampai tak tgk.. gila babi! rak bertimbun dvd.. dah, toksah ikut aku lagi, gi habiskan dulu bahan2 kat umah tu..

Nickxandar said...

Fadz ...

Hehehe .. dah aku kan tamak .. semua cerita nak tgk kalau boleh :p

-kar- said...

Have you watch the Shelter? Good?
The song sounds good tho.

Nickxandar said...


I have. It's a sweet story with earnest performances and a non depressing ending. Couldn't ask for more :)

The soundtrack for the movie is actually available at Apple ITunes site as well.

Anonymous said... best nye citer tu. where did you get the dvd?


Nickxandar said...

az ..