Thursday, February 21, 2008

InBody Check Progress – Feb '08

First InBody scan after starting the new PT program

Happy to see that total weight continue to fall which seems to be attributed to the loss in total fat mass compared to last month. I guess that it’s a good thing since it means that all the cardio that I’ve been doing is giving me the results that I want.

I guess that it is still too early to see any noticeable improvement on the total lean body mass and muscle mass % given that I have only been on the program for about 11 sessions. Still I take it as a good sign since I’ve stopped losing muscle mass like what I saw towards the end of last year.

Physically, I’m looking better now than I have ever been. Losing the layer of fat that I’ve carried all these years has revealed the beginnings of some muscle definitions that I can develop gradually over time. Even my fingers are thinner now since I had to switch my rings to other fingers since they were too loose on the fingers I usually wear them on. The last time that happened to me was 12 years ago.

Looking forward to March, I’m definitely hoping for more muscle mass development as I continue with the current PT program. Having gone through 11 session to date, I find myself gaining confidence in pushing myself more in terms of both weights and sets. I still have 16 sessions to go which should last me through March before I'm back training on my own again. I guess I should be looking for a workout buddy then so I can continue the program on my own since some of the exercises would require me to have a spotter for safety reasons.

The journey continues.


Ad said...

fat 17.5%......WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH..hebaTTTTT

Nickxandar said...

Hihihi .. kalau lah betul dah turun sampai 17.5% then bolehlah happy sakan.

17.5 kg lor ... 23.2% fat mass from total weight ... jauh lagi nak sampai target.