Monday, October 01, 2007

Blipvert Update

Blipvert #1

Had my annual buka puasa with my old secondary school gang this past weekend at Subang Parade. I have been organizing this for them without fail for the past 11 years ever since I came back and started working. It started off back then as just me treating them for buka puasa as I was the first one of the group to complete my studies and get a full-time job. Now, it’s has evolved into one of the few times we can get together to catch up on the news of what has been happening in the preceding year after the last buka puasa gathering. I would usually be the one who decides where we go to since I’m the organizer and the one who pays the bill for the meal. It’s a thing that I do every year during the fasting month as one of the virtuous things that one can do during the holy month is to provide food to others to break fast with.

The turnout this year was not that satisfactory as only 2 of my buddies came with their wives. I’m just happy that they were able to make it considering the number of people who didn’t really reconfirm their attendance the days before. Nothing worse than organizing a group meal and have no one turn out. We had a good time catching up with each other’s news and check on how everyone else was doing. Since I had the buka puasa at a buffet, there wasn’t any worry about running out of food to keep our conversations fully fueled to go the distance through the night. We must have just sat there and gabbed for almost 3 hrs since it was almost closing time when we got up to pay the bill. Good thing that the manager of the place already knows me by name so they just let us have the run of the place

Hopefully, I’ll get a better turn out next year. Still hoping that I would be able to one day have them at my own home with a proper home cooked meal.

Blipvert #2

Saw that they opened the access way to the new wing at Sunway Pyramid mall when I was there yesterday looking for a place to buka puasa alone. Most of the shops were not opened yet but the have a few interesting ones that were opened. Seemed like the main tenant for this wing will be the Jaya Jusco department store which was good since the Parkson Grand at the other end of the mall had decided to go more upscale with their offerings. At least at Jaya Jusco, I would still be able to get things that are more affordable for me than in Parkson. Of course that means I should sign up for the Jaya Jusco card again since I can’t find the one that I had before. I wonder if they could just reissue me with a new card.

The also have a new food court at the supermarket level which looks to be under the same management as the one in OneUtama. At least they share the same name so I think they are under the same management. I’m also happy that they brought in the Jusco supermarket section since they carry more products that I can’t get at Giant which is where I usually shop for groceries at Pyramid. I wished that they would get Cold Storage supermarket in but I guess what they had was good enough for now. I can always go to Subang Parade if I needed to get anything from Cold Storage supermarket.

I’ve also heard that the bagel shop at Avenue K will be opening a branch at the new wing so you know I’m just looking forward to that.

Blipvert #3

Bought the new Anuar Zain CD and it has been playing from my playlist non-stop since Saturday. It is definitely one of the more enjoyable listens that I’ve had for this year. I usually try to avoid his CDs as I always felt that he was too popular/mainstream (?) since everyone I know listens to his songs (kind of telling of the crowd I keep). This is the same reason why I don’t listen to Siti Norhaliza songs as well. Too commercial to be cool admitting that you listen to their songs. Not that I’m the picture of what is hip to listen to …

This latest Anuar Zain CD was an excellent buy as I liked almost all of the songs in it. There were a few that made me stop and think which I have not had to do with cds by Malay artists for quite some time. I guess that I’ll write more about it once I get some time to fully digest the album. What I’m sure at this moment is that it’s one of the must buy album for this year. Personally, it is fast becoming my life's soundtrack with the recent developments in my life.

And if you want to look more butch buying the CD at the shop, feel free to decline the free poster that comes with it … bwahaha!!!

Blipvert #4

I will start working with a Personal Trainer at the gym tonight. They finally called me last week to arrange it after exactly one month of me working out there even though I had paid for the sessions well in advance. I haven’t met the PT yet but I think I know which one he might be if I heard his name correctly. I don’t really know if I should be concerned when a PT insist on being referred to as “Boy” when you page him for the appointment. Makes you wonder how old that person really is. Yes .. I admit that I still get called that at home but that’s another thing altogether. I guess as long as he doesn’t start calling me “uncle” then I should be ok with it. There will be hell to pay if I get called that in the gym. Bad enough I get called "uncle" at the shops by the young cashiers.

One thing of note for those in the know, I finally heard “Mr. Hover” speak and I have to say that I had to literally stop myself from dropping on the floor laughing out loud. It was an illusion shattering event just like that other famous person that we will be hearing more of this month. Why can’t people with that type of look have voices that match? Is it asking too much that eye candy don’t have voices that would leave the listener trying their best not to break out into a giggling fit.

Guess there is a reason why people call them eye candy to begin with.

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