Monday, April 30, 2007

Workout Progress - April '07

As clearly apparent in the number of entries I wrote for April, this month has been a really hectic one for me. Between the increased workload, increased TV time thanks to the latest season of my favorite TV shows and a not unwelcome distraction in my personal life, my workout progress hit a snag this month. I found myself skipping more workout sessions and packing in more food than I should. I haven’t really gone and measured the damage but I just know that I’ve practically erased whatever gains I’ve made in the past months.

After accepting the fact that I’ve brought this on by myself, I’ve now got to regroup and realign myself to get back on track. I still have to look at least somewhat acceptable for my Perhentian trip at the end of the month so that’s my current goal for this April. With that in mind, I’ve increased the intensity of my workout sessions by doubling the resistance levels on my body lift machine. I could only do half the number of sets that I did before with the lower resistance level but I think I’m getting the same level of workout that I did before.

Diet plan in April :
- 2 piece of lightly buttered Gardenia Breakthru bread
- 2 Bananas
- 1 serving of plan fried rice with tempeh goreng or greens
- 1 hardboiled egg (alternate working days – 2 whole eggs total per week)
- 1 Spirulina cereal 3 in 1 mix.
- skip dinner on alternate days or get/make something roughly less than 300kcal
- 1 Nature Valley Roasted Almond Granola bar
- Japanese Green Tea
Workout Days
- diluted tomato juice during workout
- protein shake 2 hrs after workout

Supplements :
Balance Liquid L-Carnitine – 10ml per day + 10ml pre workout
EAS Creatine Powder – 10mg x per day + 10mg pre workout
EAS Myoplex Deluxe Protein Shake – ½ serving post workout
21st Century’s HerbalLipo Tea – 1 serving per week day
GNC L-Lysine – 1 tablet per day
GNC MegaMen Dietary Supplement – 1 tablet per day

I’ve added 2 more GNC product to my supplementary product list to replace the more generic ones that I have been using all this while. They do cost slightly more than what I’m used to paying but with the extra discount that I will be getting at GNC with my gym membership, the cost would actually be lower in the long run. Speaking of the gym, it seemed that construction of their facilities at Sunway Pyramid was according to schedule and should be opening sometime in August. I saw that they boarded up the area next to the ice skating rink there so I guess that’s where my gym will be instead of at the new wing as I had initially thought.

Looking forward to May, I have to definitely step up on my game and get back to my previous workout routine. I still have a few weeks to tone up so I won’t really embarrass myself on the beach at Perhentian later this month. It’s either that or stayed covered up for the duration! I’ve also need to start to gradually increase the number of set that I am currently doing with the higher intensity level. I’ve given myself a whole month to get used to the higher resistance so it’s natural for me to go for the next level at the start of the new month.

It’s crunch time and I’m ready for it.


mjiahua :: tyne&wear said...

nix: all the best on your workout programme...maybe you should avoid some frying food and butter, have more fresh salad, fruits and nuts...minus salt and sugar....

Nickxandar said...

MJ ...


I wish I can totally cut out all the fried food from my diet but I just don't have that strong of a will power to do so. I still try to keep it in moderation though.

I've cut out butter and replaced it with Vitalite Buttery Sunflower Spread ... it taste so much like real butter but with none of the regrets :)