Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Manila Trip '07 - Day 3 (Part 1) Photo Entry

More photos from Rizal's Execution Site Memorial till the next update

(Sign at the Entrance of the Memorial)

(From what I can tell, the 6 depictions above tells the story of Rizal's capture and eventual execution. Without any text descriptions on site, I had to make my own assumptions of what was happening here)

(Close- up of the execution squad. There was quite a number of variations between the statues that made them unique individuals)

(Marker at the Rizal Execution Site)

(They repoduced these statues from an oil painting that I would see later that day. The level of details in these reproduction was quite high)

(Wide shot of the Execution Site. Compare the size of the people relative to the statues and you will get an image of how tall these statues were)


ZEYN OF ENVY said...


abang, cool photos you have here. :)

Nickxandar said...

Thanks :-D