Thursday, February 02, 2006

Early Morning Scare

It was just one of those types of nights that runs the gamut from high points and low points on an emotional rollercoaster ride.

After coming back from an enjoyable pot-luck soiree slash private screening of “Brokeback Mountain” (review to follow soon) at a fellow blogger’s place, I was feeling the most liberated I have been for some time. Partly because I met so many interesting new people who I would never have met before on my own and it was the first time (hopefully not the last) I have ever been invited to one of the blogger’s gathering since I started blogging. I apologize to the other guests who might be reading this entry now if I seemed too aloof, distant or quiet last night but that is just how I am around strangers that I have not been formally introduced too. I was too timid to introduced myself and the host was already busy with the guest so I decided just to enjoy the company and the film.

After getting a ride back from another gracious (given the adventure we had to go through trying to find our way back to Sunway) blogger, I was ready to turn into bed and get some sleep before I had to get up to go to work again today unlike our counterparts in KL. Just a few hours in, I was woken up by a phone call from my brother telling me that my father was involved in a car accident and was admitted to the hospital. My mother was there and she told me that they had him under observation after being ambulanced from the crash site. From what they could tell, another car had crashed into my father’s car from behind and caused him to lose control of his car which hit the road divider head-on and spun the car a few times. My mother told me that the car was a totally write-off since the engine was in unrecoverable pieces.

I really hate getting early morning calls like this because the last time I got a call this early in the morning, I lost someone who meant the world to me. Every time my phone rings between the hours of 2 to 4 in the morning, my heart jumps at the thought of me losing someone close again and what was worse the absolute panic of not being able to be by their side in time if the worst happened. This was no different especially when my mother had not had a chance to find out how serious a condition my father was in when she called. Knowing my aversion with hospitals especially after the way I was practically a catatonic mess the last time I had a loved one died in the hospital, my mother told me to just stay put and wait for new development.

They finally released me from my tormented thoughts at 6am when they call me to say that my father was discharged to go home with a banged up knee and minor bruising. The doctors kept him in observation more because of the high blood pressure that he had after the shock of the accident more than anything else. He was very lucky considering how much worse off the car was damaged in the accident. I have not had a chance to talk to him yet as the doctors gave him some painkillers for the knee so he was zonked off when my mother brought him back.

I’m getting flashbacks of the last time he was in a bad accident back when I was younger. He was also very lucky then as he was yesterday.

I hope that there will not be any more early morning calls for sometime at least.


akihisa said...

God, do the police manage to get hold of the other car's owner ? Hope it's not a hit-and-run case. Your dad is one lucky man. Though, I don't think I can sit around waiting for someone to tell me the news. I rather be there myself. Gald to know your dad's doing okay.


Nickxandar said...

I still have not gotten all the details yet. Will be going back to my parents this weekend so I'll get to know more then.