Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Another Book Worm Alert!

Haven’t really had time to update the blog lately. Other than the shows that I’ve been going to at KLPac and such, there is nothing really blog worthy to update here. There is something currently in the works but I rather wait a bit before putting any details down. Don’t want to jinx it!

I saw a banner at the nearby Dataran Hamodal building about the “Big Bad Book Sale” that would be starting tomorrow and run until the 18th. From their website (, it seems that they are saying that the discounts that they are offering would be deeper than the one that they gave during the last MPH Warehouse Book Sales. Then “Big Bad Book Sale” is being organized by a new company by the name of “Big Bad Wolf Books” which I am not familiar with. A cursory internet search found an email address for the company which might be connected to BookXcess which is one of my favorite surplus book stores in town.

I’m thinking of walking down the street to check the sale out tomorrow and see if there is any gems to be found. If their discounts turn out to be really that low, I would definitely be picking the titles that I’ve held back from buying during the last MPH book sale if they have it. Similar minded book lovers should also do the same when you get a chance to come to the sale.

Facebook event page:

(Map to sales venue)

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