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Cambodia Trip '08 – Accommodation Write-Up: Princess Angkor Hotel, Siem Reap

As in Phnom Penh, our accommodations in Siem Reap were already organized by the trip organizers. Like the hotel we stayed at in Phnom Penh, the Princess Angkor Hotel was easily tracked down on the web using my trusty Google search engine. Their website was fairly well laid out and was helpful for me to have an idea of what to expect at the hotel. They do list their rates and promotions on line so I would assume that making reservations on line would be possible with the contact information provided.

Princess Angkor Hotel was located on the road heading towards Siem Reap International Airport and was about 15 minutes drive from the city center. Looking at the hotels around the area, I assume that the hotels here cater mostly for business travelers and families rather than the normal backpackers set that would probably be staying somewhere closer to the city. We were welcomed with the customary sweetened iced tea upon arrival while our bags were collected from our minivan and the organizers arrange the rooms for us at the front desk. The hotel lobby was quite spacious and benefitted fully from the floor to ceiling glass frontage that allowed maximum natural light to brighten the area. Beautiful teak furniture at the lobby/waiting area completed the serene scene that welcomed us after our long journey.

(Lobby area at the hotel)

(R: Teak furniture at the waiting area, L: Aspara Cafe entrance)

We were assigned a standard twin sharing room which was fairly big with all the standards that one expected to come with these types of hotels. The view outside of our window looked down towards the open air parking area which was not really that interesting. Due to the location of the hotel, taxis and tuk-tuks were waiting just outside the hotel entrance to pick up anyone from the hotel to go into the city. Since we already had our transportation around Siem Reap arranged, I did not get to try those transportation options out while I was there. As we droved it, I notices that there were a number of restaurants, both of international and local fares, nearby the hotel as well as a number of health centers that offered traditional messages.

(Our room at Princess Angkor Hotel)

(View outside the windows)

While we were there, we did get a chance to visit the hotel’s Health Center for a traditional Khmer full body message. Reasonably priced, visitors should drop by and make an appointment as there might be a wait for masseuses especially during the evening. The evening that we went for our message, we were told that they only had 2 masseuses on duty and they already have 4 people signed up before us. I would think that they would be tired after giving messages to that many people before us but fortunately they were professionals and their messages were very relaxing.
(Mini gym at Princess Angkor Hotel)

The hotel also had a reasonably equipped gym that I stepped in but did not get a chance to try out as well as a fairly decent sized outdoor swimming pool. They also have what I think was a mini casino accessible from the open air parking area of the hotel. I did not get a chance to take a look at the mini casino due to time constraints but based on what was advertised on the outside, the mini casino consisted mainly of a few card tables and electronic jackpot machines. I’m fairly certain that they only accept either credit cards or US dollars there to try your luck.

(Night shots of the hotel)

Like the hotel that we stayed at in Phnom Penh, the Aspara Café which was located in the hotel offered halal cuisine for the Muslim travelers. We had to try their dinner and breakfast buffet spread at the hotel while we stayed there and I was quite satisfied with both. The spread that was provided was reasonable in both variety and tastes. Since breakfast was already included in the room rate and our farewell dinner there was organized by our Cambodian hosts, I didn’t really get to check how their food prices were.

(Hotel's pool accessed from the lobby on the ground floor)
The Princess Angkor Hotel in Siem Reap is definitely an easy choice to recommend as a place to stay at for visitors coming to the area. The comfortable rooms, good amenities, a halal food source in house and easy access to local transportation make it a convenient place to stay. While slightly on the expensive side, you do get your moneys worth staying here while you explore the surrounding and temples at Siem Reap.

Full Contact Details:


National route 6, Siem Reap
Kingdom of Cambodia

Tel: (855-63) 760 056-60
Fax: (855-63) 963 668
Reservation No: (855-63) 963 667


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