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Cambodia Trip '08 – Accommodation Write-Up: Holiday Villa Hotel & Suites, Phnom Penh

Unlike my previous trips, the hotel accommodations for my stay in Phnom Penh was already arranged by our trip organizers. Having being told a few weeks before we left for the trip where were would be staying, I decided to look the Holiday Villa Hotel & Suites, Phnom Penh up on the web and easily found their website. The website was quite well laid out and they even had updated rate promotions listed there. I’m fairly sure it would be easy to navigate and use if I had to make the bookings on my own.

(Exterior of the hotel)

Located in a fairly convenient part of town, the hotel was fronted by a fairly busy road almost all hours of the day. Having said that, I’m fairly certain it would be easy for visitors staying at the hotel to flag down local transportation to go out and about from the hotel. Despite being in a corner of a busy road, the sounds of traffic were scarcely noticeable in both the lobby and the rooms. We were given a welcome drink in the form of sweeten iced tea upon arrival while waiting for the organizers to check us in and assigned the rooms to us.

The room that we were assigned to was a double twin bed room which was surprisingly bigger than I expected. It had all the amenities of a hotel room targeted for the travelling business person. The beds were fairly comfortable and the bathroom was adequately setup for our purposes. The hotel offered complimentary coffee making facilities in room with the usual selection of instant coffees and teas provided. Other than the minibar that was empty by the request of the organizers, the hotel room was quite cozy and sufficient for our needs during our stay in the city.

(Room interior)

There were a few places of interest within the block that the hotel was located. Several message parlors were just across the street offering legitimate message sessions. There were also local restaurant just down the road from the hotel that offered a variety of local street food. Just around the corner from the street food, there was a bakery that sold the local version of the baguette. The hotel was also located within walking distance of the Central Market in Phnom Penh if one wished to walk the distance.

Our room rate included a buffet breakfast at the hotel’s in house Lagenda Fusion Restaurant. Being a Malaysian owned hotel, the food served at the restaurant was certified halal for Muslim visitors. The morning buffet consisted of the usual mix of international and local dishes that one finds in these type of hotels. We also had a dinner once at the hotel and ordered from their fairly large selections from their ala carte menu. Even with all prices on the menu listed in US dollars, it was still comparable to what one would expect to pay for in a similar hotel in KL.

(Hotel Lobby and Reception area)

(L: Heading to the restaurant and lifts to the left, R: Hotel entrance at night)

The Holiday Villa Hotel & Suites, Phnom Penh is definitely an easy choice to recommend as a place to stay at for visitors coming to Phnom Penh. The fairly nice amenities, ease of getting halal food and easy access to local transportation makes it a fairly convenient base of operations from where visitors can explore Phnom Penh from. The only drawback that I could say about the hotel is the slightly high premium that one had to pay for this convenience but the promotional rates that they have on the website make for a very convincing case to come and stay at the hotel.

Full Contact Details:


89 Monivong Boulevard, Sangkat Monorom Khan, 7 Makara,
Phnom Penh, The Royal Kingdom of Cambodia.

Tel : (855-23) 990 888
Fax : (855-23) 990 999

Email :


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