Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Cambodia Trip '08 – Pre Departure Notes

This trip started as an invitation by blogger friend to accompany him on his company trip way back in March if I remember correctly. I was well into my Indonesia trip planning by then so I was already well on my way in my tour of ASEAN countries. The chance to add Cambodia to that list for this year was definitely welcomed especially when it includes the chance to visit the famed Angkor Wat temple complex. Unlike my previous trips, I didn’t have to organize anything for this trip as it comes in a packaged tour selected by the company. While I usually try to avoid going on these packaged tours, I think I like to let someone else take the reins on organizing the trip this time and not worry about the details.

I’ve been reading up on what to expect when I get there from friends who have been there before. I also bought a guidebook for Cambodia to use if not to add to my collection of guidebooks of the places that I’ve been to. Since most of our program there have already been decided, the reading up that I’ve done is for me to absorb the background of the area and figure out what distinct attractions that I should not miss when I get there. Angkor Wat is definitely one of the places that I’ve been reading up about since it will be the highlight of my trip there. Having visited Borobudur earlier this year, I’m really looking forward to add another of South East Asia’s historical wonder to the list of places that I have experienced personally.

In addition to Angkor Wat, our tour program will include a cruise on the Mekong River as well as visits to the Central and Russian markets in Phnom Pehn. We are also scheduled to visit the Tuol Sieng Museum as well as the Cheung Ek Killing Fields. Having watched the “Killing Fields” movie as a child, I’m fairly certain that I would be affected by this visit. I’m trying to steel myself for any possibilities given the nature of those two locations. A lot of blood and lives has been lost there and I do not doubt that some of that energy will linger on there which may affect people who are attuned to those energies. Definitely will look out if I have another supernatural encounter like the one that I had while on the trip in Jogja earlier this year.

I’ve already bought a new backpack to take with me on this trip since the one that I borrowed from my brother on the last trip to Indonesia came back worse off than when I started. I still have yet to exchange my money into US dollars for the trip partly hoping for a better exchange rate. With the exception of a few small items that I need to buy to bring with me on the trip, I’m pretty much good as to what to pack. I just need to start planning my packing list and make sure that I don’t forget anything important. In my case, as my last travel troupe will attest, it’s more of a case of planning to leave things behind as I do tend to over pack items for a trip.

Tentative travel schedule

7 – 10 Nov : Phnom Penh
- Tuol Sieng Genocide Museum
- Cheng Ek Killing Fields
- Mekong River Cruise
- Central and Russian Markets
- Cambodian Royal Palace
- Champa Village visit

10 – 12 Nov : Siem Reap
- Angkor Wat
- Siem Reap Market


m@x said...

Good luck! Brings lots of USD. Don't forget to haggle...even at the roadside stalls!

syukur said...

Nick....time to take a lot of pics...

Nickxandar said...

Max ...

Thanks. No really looking to shop much but will definitely haggle for those I do.

Ad said...


semoga pergi dan balik dgn sihat dan gembira

Nickxandar said...

Syuk ...
Definitely. Never know bila lagi nak sampai sana.

Ad ...
Thanks. Bila pulak Ad nak jalan2 lagi?