Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Workout Progress – June ‘08

I’ve just noticed that I’ve skipped putting up both my workout progress and InBody scan results for the last 2 months. I think it was due to an oversight on my part after my Indonesia trip and having posted all those long winded travel reports. I’m happy to report that I’m still in sync with my fitness regime regardless of the lapse in documenting my progress. I plan to have an InBody scan done later this week as well so I have some new numbers to measure against the last that I did back in March to see if there has been (hopefully!) any marked improvements.

After completing my PT sessions at the gym, I have been working on my own program with the help of what I learned previously under PT. I’m still sticking to the 4 days gym schedule when I can and each session has been a combination of cardio and endurance training. I have been quite consistent in starting my sessions with an hour long spinning class before spending the rest of my time at the gym completing 3 supersets of total body endurance workout using a 15 lbs dumbbell. I’m quite happy with the fact that I can now complete my total body endurance workout within 30 minutes compared to the hour that it took me previously. Since I only have 30 minutes left to work out after my spinning class during the work week, I’m planning to stay with the 15 lbs weight for the moment and switch to 20 lbs once I feel that I’m strong enough to finish them within 30 minutes. Of course, I get to do more on the Sundays when I do get into the gym for a workout.

Diet plan in June

Breakfast (8 am)
- 1 sachet of Quaker Oats Flavored instant oatmeal
- 1 serving of low fat yogurt
- 1 serving of protein shake

Brunch (10 am)
- 1/2 serving of plan fried rice with tempeh goreng or greens
- 1 hardboiled egg (alternate working days – 2 whole eggs total per week)
- 1 serving of fruits

Lunch (12 pm)
- 1 Spirulina cereal 3 in 1 mix.

Snacks (4 pm)
- 1 Nature Valley Granola bar (Apple Crisps, Almond and Pecan have lowest calories)
- Green Tea

Dinner (7 pm)
Non workout days (Tues/Sat)
- buy something roughly less than 300kcal

Workout Days (M/W/Thurs/F: 8:30 – 10:30 pm, Sun: 4 – 7pm)
Pre workout
- 1 serving of protein shake
- buy something roughly less than 300kcal

Post workout
- 1 serving of protein shake

Supplements :
MuscleTech Nitro-Tech Hardcore Protein Shake – 2 servings per day
GNC Pro Performance Creatine Monohydrate – 2 servings per day
21st Century’s HerbalLipo Tea – 1 serving per week day
GNC MegaMen Dietary Supplement – 1 tablet per day
GNC Big 150 Vit B Complex – 1 tablet per day
GNC Fish Oils – 1 tablet per day

I’m still sticking with the same diet plan that I’ve been on for the past few months. I guess I’ve got used to it but lately I’ve been trying to add variety to it by switching to different flavored oatmeal and adding some raisins or prunes to the diet plan. A friend once remarked that it must be boring eating the same things day in and day out for extended periods of time. I totally agree with him and that’s why I only stick to the diet plan during the work week. Weekends would be when I indulge in other foods and I try to do it in a healthy manner although that’s not always the case. I guess as long as I don’t over do it then I should be OK as far as the diet plan is going.

Looking ahead to July, I don’t think there would be any major changes in my workout schedule or my diet plan. It’s encouraging for me to note how integrated my gym time has become in my daily schedule. I have to admit that I look forward to go to the gym on my workout days and feel a bit restless when I don’t get to for whatever reasons. The social aspects of my gym membership has also come into play since I’m more or less a regular in my spinning class and have been enjoying the group that I work out with. Still have to learn the names of the other regulars who join in the same classes that I do but I’ll get there eventually.

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