Tuesday, November 06, 2007

They Know Me Well

Had to do a personality/behavioral survey today in preparation for my Management Mentorship meeting tomorrow. The results of the behavioral study was eerily accurate! I’m posting it here so I have a record of it to refer in the future. Of course I had to change my real name in the report with my blog name and it was written as such to be read by another person. I’m not crazy enough to refer myself in the third person … yet.

"Nickxandar tends to be incisive and analytical. He is usually steady, easygoing and relaxed. He may have difficulty sharing his feelings if it may disturb the relationship.

When the time is right, Nickxandar can stand up aggressively for what he believes. Nickxandar can be discreet and sociable as called for by the situation.

Loyalty and being a team player are usually his goals. He is a good, steady, dependable team member.

He needs time for some study and analysis, particularly when doing new or challenging assignments. This allows him to adjust to the changing environment.

He can be open, patient and tolerant of differences. His natural quality of being nonjudgmental is a great strength. Because he is receptive and listens well, he excels in gathering information. Patience, control and deliberateness characterize his usual behavior. At times, Nickxandar would like to slow the world down and cut out some of the activities people want him involved in.

Nickxandar needs to gather data and facts in a logical fashion. Logic is important when trying to influence him. He pays more attention to logic than emotional "hype." Making plans and following those plans is important to him. When challenged he can become objective, searching hard for facts and figures. This may be his way of defending his decisions.

Nickxandar can be sensitive to the feelings of others and is able to display real empathy for those who are experiencing difficulties. He prefers to plan his work and work his plan. Others may find it refreshing to have him on their team. When faced with a tough decision, he will seek information and analyze it thoroughly.

Nickxandar tends to be possessive of information; that is, he doesn't voluntarily share information with others outside of his team. This may be a blessing, or a curse, to his superiors. He likes having others initiate the conversation. He can then assess the situation and respond accordingly.

He can be outgoing at times. Basically introverted, he will "engage" in social conversation when the occasion warrants. Rarely does he display his emotions; that is, he projects a good poker face. Others may get the feeling that he is unfriendly, when in reality he is not.

Nickxandar may guard some information unless he is asked specific questions. He will not willingly share unless he is comfortable with the knowledge he possesses about the topic. He is not easily triggered or explosive, but he may conceal some grievances because he doesn't always state his feelings. Most people see him as being a considerate and modest person. He probably won't try to steal the spotlight from others."

I couldn't have described my work behavior better than this report.

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