Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Here we go again

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This may be a bit late in coming but I was actually a bit hesitant to put in the effort to recap the show at first. After the debacle of last year’s MI finale (yes .. I’m still sore about the results), I wasn’t sure I was up to the challenge to recap another weekly popularity contest disguised as a show about the search of the next big name deserving of the one million ringgit prize money. I also missed the first episode of the East Malaysia auditions show so I thought that I would skip it this time.

Then I found out about the repeat shows being streamed on the web courtesy of the local ISP sponsor for the show.

Instead of having to furiously jot down notes during the show and scheduling my nightlife (what little I have) around a fixed TV slot so I can get my notes for weekly recaps, I can now actually watch the show at any time when it is convenient for me. I will have the ability to really scrutinize the performances and figure out what works and what doesn’t. At the very least, this time around, I would be more confident about what I’m jotting down in the recaps after getting more opportunities to review the performances.

With that said, I hope to start putting up my own take on 8TV’s “One in a Million” weekly fairly soon. I’ve watched the repeat shows on the web and the collection of talent that I’ve seen in the first 2 audition shows was also a factor in my decision to recap the show. There were more than a few diamonds in the rough here that might be worth following to see their progress in the show.

I hope to have my write-ups for both audition and 1st round eliminations up soon.

Update: I will be back dating my recap entries so I document when they actually first show the episodes but will provide the links to the entries here until I catch up to the latest episode.

Recap for KK auditions is located here.

Recap for KL audition and 1st Central Eliminations forthcoming soon.


Mrs G said...

You are a strong person.

I am seriously thinking of giving up on this show. Maybe it's the AI thing, but OIAM is not fun to watch following the heels of Elliott, Paris, Chris, Katharine, Taylor, etc. If you do the recaps, I'll just announce that the recaps are cancelled on my blog and direct visitors to you! *g*

And letting Paul Moss on the show again is overkill. How many times do we have to see him on TV? Ugh.

Nickxandar said...

Believe me ... it's a struggle not to drown myself in my own vomit while watching the audition shows.

AI is in a league in it's own and way beyond what we have here (although I still think that Jac may have had a shot if they had the World Idols during her year). I'm giving OiaM time till they go through the individual elimination before giving up on the show although it may be too late by then.

Hope you don't stop your OiaM recaps totally. Mine are no where near your level of snarkiness no matter how much I wished it was. Do a recaplet on your site and I'll do the full recap, deal?

PM on the show ... I've sort of accepted that they needed a caustic judge to act as the audience surrogate especially those who are too polite to say it as it is. Does he goes overboard with his comments ... definitely but that's just him :)