Monday, April 03, 2006

Coming to a cinema near you - “Gubra”

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After hearing so much about it, the only local film that I am planning to see this year will finally be in the cinema starting the 6th Apr 2006.

From what I’ve heard, this sequel to the critically acclaimed “Sepet”, Yasmin Ahmad’s “Gubra” will be a much darker and heavy film than it’s predecessor. In contrast to the single storyline in “Sepet”, “Gubra” will have 2 distinct storylines that I am anxiously looking forward to see how they intersect with each other. Even if they don’t actually intersect, it would be interesting to figure out the thematic ties that bound the two storylines together.

Most of the reviews for “Gubra” to date have seemed to be high praise for the film and while I do take into account what has been written about the film, I try not have them influence my enjoyment of the film itself. I will be coming into the viewing with fresh eyes that have only seen her work in “Sepet” before. I hope to leave it with even fresher outlook in live as I did after watching “Sepet” for the first time. I expect to be emotionally moved as much as I did watching her previous offering. From what I’ve read from those who have seen it, I have a feeling that I will not be disappointed.

If all goes well, I’m fairly certain that I will be watching “Gubra” this coming weekend.

I’ve made my plans for “Gubra”, what about you?

Update (12/04/2006): My full review of "Gubra" is available by following this link.

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