Tuesday, November 08, 2005

What's In Store Post Holidays?


I’m finally back to work today after a long stretch of holidays and will be updating this blog with new entries soon. Other than the obligatory entry for my Hari Raya holidays, look forward to my review of the latest Ricky Martin’s album “Life” coming within this week. I have that CD ripped on my laptop and have been on a looping playback since I got it last Sunday.

It’s that good, folks.

The music video for the first single from the new album, "I Don't Care", is available here curtesy of Yahoo! Music.


Ahmad said...

Welcome back, Nick !!! ;-p

azmi | 2¢ said...

Wahh, beraya sakan kerr Nickx?

Would love to know how you survived the raya hols at your folks home.. Just wondering, whether soalan cepumas ada dikeudarakan to you, or not?