Friday, October 07, 2005

Stay Gold, Ponyboy

Got my copy of “The Outsiders – the Complete Novel” DVD from in the mail yesterday. Immediately pop the DVD in the player to watch the extended version of one of my all time favorite movies to see what Francis Ford Coppola added to this newly recut version. What I saw absolutely floored me ! The movie was good before but this version elevated it to at least an “Excellent” level with the new additions. I can’t say that I’m liking the musical score change that much but I’ve only had a chance to watch it twice last night.

I’m watching it again tonight to listen to Coppola’s director’s commentary track on Disk 1. The cast commentary track that I listened to last night was insightful and fun to listen to. Since I have both version of this movie in my DVD collection, I’m thinking of writing up a compare and contrast review of the two version over the weekend for one of the entries next week.

Watch out for it in this space.

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