Wednesday, February 11, 2004

These tired old bones

I’m too knackered tonight to finish the latest Explorace write up tonight but rest assured that I would post it up on this site as soon as possible so please continue to watch out for this space. I’m actually considering posting these weekly Explorace transcripts on Thursday after the race beginning this week instead of my current practice of trying to get them in before I go to sleep on Wednesday nights. Hopefully I would be able to write a better recap after getting a good night’s sleep instead of after staying up for a few hours like I did for the past few races. I also hope that the notes that I scribble down during the show would be clear and detailed enough for me to write the recap the following day because I could no longer to write the transcripts while the show was still fresh in my mind. I believe the wonderful contributors at TWOP actually recap the tapes of their shows instead of the shows directly like I do. I guess that if I wanted to be serious about it I could get myself a VCR and tape the show so I can recap them from the tapes but at the moment I don’t really see the need to do so. The Explorace transcripts that I offer here are more for entertainment purposes instead of an actual archive of events and I don’t really make any money off writing them.

Initial thoughts about the race tonight? Definitely not as exciting or suspenseful as the race last week but it was not without its redeeming qualities that set it apart from the other races.

PS: E finally SMSed me today to apologize for forgetting my birthday (again) this year. I was too excited to hear from him again to be angry with him about it.

I'm such a pathetic sap.

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